Mission Statement:

Christ Life Church exists to reach, impact, and empower people into a life changing, intimate relationship with God.

Seven Facets of Christ Life's Culture

1. Freedom

Our culture of freedom hinges on honesty and humility represented by authentic leadership. We create an atmosphere of openness and protect it by communicating with each other in a gacious, loving way.

2. Stewardship

We strive to balance extravagant generosity with responsible frugality in our financial managment.

3. community

We recognize that relationships are important to God.

4. Well-being 

Well-being is the manageable expression of our individual pace, priorities, purpose, and physical condition.

5. Empower

We are committed to discovering and fulfilling God's purposes, but we recognize the greater expression of ministry happens through gifted individuals working as a team.

6. Worship 

We believe that worship is, at its essence, an expression of sincere and heartfelt love, and it is our intent that our love for God is evident at all times.

7. Reach

We extend ourselves to those around us with a heart of humility and service.