Ignited Summer Camp

You’ve never experienced summer like we’re about to have it at Arizona Youth Camp 2017! 

For the average American teenager, summer is our extended weekend. School’s finally out, the sun is surely out, and we’re looking for any excuse to exercise our rights… LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

But YOU are not the average American teenager. You understand that HAPPINESS cannot hold you; therefore, it cannot be a viable pursuit. People suffer in slavery, yet we revel in LIBERTY? Is this LIVING if so many are dying?

The greatest injustice in the world today is for someone to live and die without hearing the Gospel. We claim unalienable rights, yet Jesus is the only truth that holds self-evident. Our freedom is found in the sole pursuit of Christ. Jesus is calling sons and daughters to the joy of knowing Him and making Him known. Start your summer with purpose, and join the thousands of original American teenagers just like you at Arizona Youth Camp 2017!

GRADES: 6th – 12th
COST: $225
$50 Deposit due by April 2, 2017. Remaining $175 due by May 14, 2017)
DATES: June 4-7, 2017

Registration is NON-REFUNDABLE