Pastor Phil Goldsberry 

Senior Pastor

Pastor Phil Goldsberry is the senior pastor of Christ Life Church in Tempe, AZ.  He holds a Masters in Practical Theology and is completing his Doctorate of Ministry presently. He is the author of Life in the Dash. Pastor Phil and Pamela live in the Phoenix area with their son, Phillip Jr.


Pam Goldsberry

Pamela, married to pastor Phil, helps in so many areas here at Christ Life from hospitality to the prayer team. She has an incredible passion for prayer and empowering other women. 



Chad Haymon 

Worship / Creative Arts Pastor

Chad overseas the creative arts ministry which includes: media/ tech team, the worship team, service planning, and other areas of the arts.


Dallas Bastin

Ignited Student Ministry Director

Dallas has a passion for reaching students. He believes in reaching students right where they are by bringing Jesus Christ into their culture! Being out of the box is how Ignited Student Ministry reaches our community!



Kayla Bastin

Finance Manager / Accounting